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For your children, shit creek is the Amazon.

I get it. I know why most people aren’t ‘getting’ it.

They’re shit scared. If they open their eyes to ‘the truth’ and conceive the true extent of the threat, they’ll be frozen like rabbits in headlights.

BUT they’re forgetting one thing… the most important numbers are in our favour.

There are 65,000,000 citizens in the UK and 650 MPs.

That means you have 100,ooo ‘mates’ to hold an MP while you hit them.

That’s a joke BTW. I don’t advocate violence. I’m so Old School I  don’t even advocate Civil Disobedience. I’m all for Moral Agitation but that’s another post.

This document is not yet complete, it’s far from it, but it does serve to convey a tone of voice. It’s a litmus test. If no other citizen’s agree with me that there’s a huge problem we need to confront, and no one feels moved to try and confront it, then I can turn my back on the issue altogether.

I’m not an ego-driven maniac who thinks he has all the answers. I’m just a normal fella who doesn’t want to leave my children up shit creek with just a splinters where the Government tore the paddle from their blistered hands… hands blistered from relentless toil.

Here’s the beginning of a document. It’s not a manifesto, or policy document, it’s a heart-felt plea in the search for like-minded motivated people who want our children to do better than we have: How You Doing?

Escape from Tyranny

Ornery ordinary citizen demands the impossible.

Ornery is a wonderful Americanism.

Usually the Merkuns take English and it’s English Schminglish after they’ve mangled it.

A less wonderful Americanism is their colour-coded ‘Dumbmocracy.’

It’s crazy, but their Western Imperial Administration has been able to confound Abraham Lincoln’s wise words about not being able to fool all the people all the time. They have done, and done so repeatedly for decades.

There’s an old “Red Skelton” film in which he appears to be an extremely brave soldier in the American Civil War. His secret? Half his uniform is Confederate and half Union. This enables his to march between the two assembled armies who are incredulous, as the Johnny Rebs see a Confederate soldier and the Union Army see the blue uniform.

All goes wonderfully, until success goes to his head, and Red turns around… and his ruse is revealed to both sides!

Today we know that politicians are turncoats, and operate in favour of their cronies.

And yet, come the election, we all turn a switch in our heads like Mean Machine in 2000 AD comics and allow the political Mean Machine to have another go at us, the Economy, our health service and our national well-being.

Why is this post entitled: Ornery ordinary citizen demands the impossible? It’s in recognition of Slavoj Žižek’s wonderful book: Demanding The Impossible, which demonstrates there is another way of seeing the world.

There is another way of looking at all this in the UK.

It depends on whether we look at the Establishment and see the Three Lions they like to project… or do we see pussies? We definitely possess the DNA of Three Lions, and this is how I see it: Three_Lions_DNA

Citizen's Movement

Here’s the thing that no one* in the media will ever tell you.

The political system is a closed system/shop.

The political system is a closed system/shop.

No… it’s not just that it’s a load of balls… when the dust settles… and the swingometers stop swinging and the worms stop wriggling… all the worms that believed they’d turned the tide in their favour will once again refuse to see the truth.

*Only one person in the mainstream media has ever admitted that they know how it works… or doesn’t… Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. He said, “The system is broken, just as it was intended to be.”

Every MP in a major party is there as a result of a selection procedure. If they seem very different, they’re sacrificial. An offering to pander to the people. They won’t try different in a safe seat. Witness Virginia Bottomley passing the baton to Jeremy Hunt. In South-West Surrey the PPC could have been a smurf. Anything blue was a shoe-in.

All the mainstream media companies are complicit in this sham democracy.

What about George Galloway I hear you cry?  The man was expelled from Labour, having been found guilty of four charges of bringing the party into disrepute. One wonders, and the mind boggles, given all the current allegations against Lord Janner as to what someone has to do to be expelled from the Labour Party?

Then we have defections. I suspect that history will reveal that UKIP is a Tory Trojan horse. Disaffected and disenfranchised voters were given a slightly suspect vehicle to vote for in protest, with Conservative cousins safe in the knowledge that the new party wouldn’t be invited to the wedding, but would probably attend the reception.

There’s too much at stake to risk allowing ordinary people to participate. You’ve seen how all the events have been stage managed, and the risk averse career politicians have kept ‘We The People’ at a security guard’s arm’s length.

If you think this sounds cynical or negative, look at the results of decades of voting for people promoted by the system. The terminology of the political class includes the people who sit at the back – the backbenchers.

School and politics are made excruciatingly boring deliberately. If you were sitting up and paying attention there’s a danger you might see what’s really going on. And that would never do.



Citizen's Movement

The Magic Roundabout. Whose turn will it be on Friday?

Escape from Tyranny

Their SOP is that you’re a sap.

Amongst all the excitement about the ascent of women as leaders of the emergent political parties is one dull, dangerous political fact that no party will promote. Those women have been part of a selection process which confirms they are fit for purpose… and no, that purpose is not to serve the public.

Career politicians within the political classes are taught and trained to toe the party line.

They are schooled to speak a certain way, to behave a certain way, and to conduct a campaign that will allow them to win a seat. UKIP seem authentic because some of their candidates can’t contain themselves, and they express some opinions that don’t conform to the party brand. Their unbridled views may actually be the real views of the party, but they’ve failed to filter them. Thus their honesty, an honesty that the press tell us the public want, is an unpleasant display.

In the same way a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp knife, because you have to push too hard to cut through… a few brave smart people on Twitter who have torn the veil from their eyes, are forced to become repetitive, driven and come across as a little bit odd or scary.

Their Patron Saint is Russell Brand who is using his celebrity profile to promote a counter-Establishment story.

He in turn is channelling the wisdom of people like Slavoj Žižek who in the book Demanding The Impossible calmly exposes just how truly terrible the world has become under the governance of the people for whom you vote.

You can absolve yourself from any blame by grumbling and moaning about the lack of political choice, by repeating the Establishment claims that the problems are global and complex. You are doing your part by voting, and ensuring that their democratic process is maintained.

You can exonerate yourself from the crime of gifting career politicians office, by repeating the stories perpetuated in mainstream media. Their crises, threats and dangers require that your Government protect you The People from these concoctions. For the love of Al-Qaeda… look how quickly that organisation became a headless chicken.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s Deputy Operations Chief prior to Osama bin Laden’s death failed our Establishment. He did not become a terrible bogeyman – so the Western Imperial Administration had to up the ante. A small motivated group was no match for a whole state. There was unseemly haste in promoting ISIS or ISIL into ISIS.

What is the ultimate crime of these Islamic extremist rebel group controlling territory in at least four countries, including Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria? They don’t subscribe to the failed model of democracy that the Western Imperial Administration promotes as ‘freedom’.

Our colour-coded freedom, until recently available in any colour as long as it’s red or blue (that palette remains the political limit in the US), paints us, especially the US, into a corner.

Freedom in the US only belongs to those who command their armed-forces. Their police can shoot whomever they like, whether armed, fleeing, and kill helpless women prisoners.

At present we are policed by consent. How long before that changes?

We are only one right-wing Government away from State police.

Your vote places people in office, and they obey their promoters – thus they perform according to the will of The Powers That Be [TPTB]. This isn’t a scary X-files type conspiracy theory – this is a barely concealed fact, as TPTB have become complacent.

Their lackeys, Blair, Bush, Cheney are war criminals by any past criteria and classification but remain at liberty? Why? How? Because they performed perfectly, and executed the requirements of their masters and mistresses.

Yes, women can be evil too.

We are constantly reminded in a small way, small on the global scale, that sex traffickers, slavers and paedophiles are women too. In the case of Ian Watkins, a rock star, fans enabled him. They fed his need for children so young they were babies. The assumption is often that paedophiles are exclusively men, but behind every miscreant… as behind every ‘great’ man… is a woman – usually their mother. Paedophilia is an equal opportunity enabler.

Whilst paedophilia is a small issue when one looks at the scale of war that displaces millions, it’s a sickness that eats away at society from within, and presently, here at home, from the top down.

How can this be?

How is this allowed to happen?

You vote for an elite group of people who enable war criminals, profiteers and paedophiles. Nothing happens without their say-so. They have a say in everything that happens and take a piece of the action.

The thing that ‘We The People’ need to be constantly aware of, is that these powerful people are pawns to those who pull their strings. TPTB look down on them, as the Government and Establishment look down upon us.

All the evidence around you demonstrates that you are NOT a consumer, free to make choices, you are a consumable.

Think of yourself as an ink or toner cartridge in a printer. The Government have designed the plastic mechanism around you – society – the printer. Society is their loss-leader – they can afford to take a hit on the printer (that’s the abstract society built at your expense using your taxes). The ‘money’ you’re allowed to handle is not worth the paper (or cotton) it’s printed on. The items you buy change with bewildering rapidity, and they advertise these to you so slickly that you actually believe that you’re making conscious choices. Don’t take my word for it, or read up on it, just watch the late Bill Hicks express his disgust for advertising and marketing people. His disgust was no joke.

Which brings us back to the ladies. Nicola Sturgeon is slick, smart and savvy. She talks so fast, with such a complete grasp of her chosen Mastermind topic ‘Stitch-up The People’… that it all sounds honest, like a stream of consciousness. But Ms Sturgeon is a product. The end result of a process. She seems shrewd and capable, and she’s capable of anything. As a career politician she’s ruthless enough to sell you out.

At some basic level we know we’ve got it all wrong and are caught in a trap. The most critical psychological survival mechanism is denial. If we see and accept the evidence of our our eyes, then we have to jettison everything.

Those who control the status quo want to ensure that you cling to the debris of their strategic shipwreck. They have deliberately scuttled democracy. They floated the idea, and allowed ‘We The People’ to believe their promises. We believed that we could participate equally. Our belief didn’t make it true.

Somewhere at the back of your mind, or deep down in your guts, you live constantly on edge, as if something really bad’s about to happen. You’re not wrong. It is happening. You’re not on a precipice… they’ve taken steps on your behalf, in your name, that have pushed our society beyond the brink.

The gravity of the situation means that you don’t have time to think. You have a simple choice to make. You can go down fighting, or you can allow them to drag you down… because you’re letting them pick your fights for you.

You’re at war with people who want exactly the same things as you.

Those people who have so much in common with you, are at war with you, because you vote for people who wage wars for profit, sacrifice innocent people and children, and squander the Earth’s natural resources.

Your enemies want liberty, security, stability for their families and loved ones.

TPTB are binary and want for nothing.

They also care for nothing.

Your vote feeds them.

They feed off you.

They prey on you.

You’re carrion. Do you want that to carry on?

They think that you don’t know what’s going on.

You can keep living their lie, or make your life your own.

Your vote isn’t a tool unless you insist on a real choice… and a democracy fit for purpose.

If you want the life you deserve, the life you were born for… you must insist on a real choice. Not an over-ready product created and sponsored by the TPTB.


The Rich have robbed the poor for too long.
Citizen's Movement

British values. Yeh right.


The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, was a seminal event in British rule, and while the Conservatives bang on about ‘lessons learned’ they’re the same ignorant bunch who rode roughshod over the Colonies. What they do, they don’t do in our name, and they have no shame. Being English isn’t wishy washy. Every country in the Union has its own identity. We’ve not lost ours, it’s become hidden behind the deceit, lies and depravity of the Elite. We have to seize control, not to get our good name back. Heaven knows we’ve got an awful lot to apologise for. BUT we can’t be sorry for who we are, just because those in charge have behaved so abominably.

C’mon England, let’s show them what we’re made of… please click here to read on > Cmon_Citizens