The Rich have robbed the poor for too long.
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British values. Yeh right.


The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, also known as the Amritsar massacre, was a seminal event in British rule, and while the Conservatives bang on about ‘lessons learned’ they’re the same ignorant bunch who rode roughshod over the Colonies. What they do, they don’t do in our name, and they have no shame. Being English isn’t wishy washy. Every country in the Union has its own identity. We’ve not lost ours, it’s become hidden behind the deceit, lies and depravity of the Elite. We have to seize control, not to get our good name back. Heaven knows we’ve got an awful lot to apologise for. BUT we can’t be sorry for who we are, just because those in charge have behaved so abominably.

C’mon England, let’s show them what we’re made of… please click here to read on > Cmon_Citizens

Escape from Tyranny

It’s one thing to be lead up the Garden Path, quite another to see uninvited guests walking up yours…

It’s one thing to be lead up the Garden Path, quite another to see uninvited guests walking up yours… and yet another still to have persons unknown in your home.

As we enter the theatre of war once more, this cloud has a silver lining.

All and any pretence, that ‘We The People’ have any bearing on the direction our country takes, was dropped by those who perform their political pantomime Parliament.

On the back of three No’s from the Public, the Government voted YES in opposition to the third no.

The first NO came from Scotland. There’s uncertainty as to whether that NO was valid, resounding or legal. And the manner in which it was achieved, by all four political parties supporting negativity, lead not to riotous applause – but to riots. After rumours of rigged ballots, it was also suggested that the riots were sparked by Union supporters – sporting English flags – when proud Scots tried to salve their wounds with saltires.

No No.2? There’s mounting evidence we’re inclined to decline the current crop of politicians’ kind offer to represent us. There was a notable rise in interest in the None Of The Above or NOTA initiative and campaign, as the three parties removed any doubt they are in cahoots. Their vestigial credibility had been on desperately thin ice. Their absence of sincerity and seriousness about serving the Public was completely transparent. It became clear that they weren’t wanted in Scotland, and Scotland wasn’t wanted in their Union. That is to say, the people of Scotland matter no more to Parliament than the people of Wales, Northern Ireland or England.

In third place, the No: Not In My Name. Cameron recalled Parliament to get a pat on the head. Perhaps the NO vote had gone to his? He hadn’t responded to public calls to recall Parliament to deal with the Child Sex Abuse scandals, or answered any concerned about the Paedophile Ring operating in Westminster. He hadn’t allayed suspicions by reshuffling the Cabinet and removing some senior people whose names had become synonymous with said suspicions. He did, however, follow in his heroine’s infamous footsteps.

In the 1980s the Home Office was alerted to a Paedophile Ring operating in Westminster. Almost immediately, conveniently, Thatcher was able to escalate a relatively small challenge about Sovereignty of the Falklands into a War. The tabloids screamed Tory Blue Bloody Murder and the country fell for it.

As Nigel Farage commented yesterday from Doncaster, if the vote had been so urgent Cameron could have called it for Thursday, rather than the Friday of UKIP’s conference and their leader’s speech. Our unelected Prime Minister thus hit two targets. UKIP’s conference was a non-event as the news channel’s frothed with excitement about Air Strikes, and he spared Theresa May any further blushes about the Child Sex Abuse inquiry being a deliberate non-event.

In the 1980s her predecessor Leon Brittan lost documents. Those circumstances are destined to remain a mystery as Lord Brittan’s memory is poor. Coincidentally, Lord Janner’s been diagnosed with dementia, and is unfit to give evidence. The incumbent Home Secretary has now lost all Public confidence and credibility.

On Twitter, survivors of Child Abuse report how they are as likely to be arrested for making allegations as to have their concerns treated seriously. Their poster girl Melanie Shaw remains in custody despite high levels of awareness and agitation. Natalie Rowe spent a brief spell in custody after publishing a picture of an intoxicated George Osborne dancing in her flat years earlier.

She admitted afterwards that the arrest and the photo may not have been related. What’s interesting about the incident is how amidst all the twitter paranoia and conspiracy theorems, people are still fundamentally trusting. When you’re arrested, your home is vacant. If you’re an activist, or considered a threat to Public Security i.e. you’re making those in Parliament uncomfortable, you get arrested on some trumped-up charge or allegation … AND persons unknown can pay a little visit, snoop around, copy files off computers, make copies of anything that might be of interest … AND if it’s in their interests, leave incriminating evidence that they may later rely upon.

Your home is not your castle.

You don’t own the mineral rights beneath, nor the air (if it’s fit to breathe) above. The airspace over your home belongs to the State, as does the earth down below. The latter should not surprise, bearing in mind the majority of us believe that politicians are the Devil’s spawn.

Your home, if mortgaged is a millstone. You agree to pay off the debt over your entire working life. To what end? To fund yours? If you own your home, and are retired, or nearing retirement, your home is your pension, or your means of securing payment for care.

This is not the right time to talk about that sanitised form of usury ‘equity release’ as it palls into insignificance besides the odious debt our MPs have incurred on the nation’s behalf.

What it does is segue neatly back into that Not In My Name territory. Whilst the NHS teeters precariously on the precipice of privatisation, we’d do well to remember how while it remains hungry for cash, Parliament let it go hungry. However, the moment the Banks were in crisis, with nary a by your leave to the Public, the Government stumped up hundreds of billions of pounds because …? They were too big to fail?

The Banks were private institutions. The NHS the sole remaining public national institution after the Post Office was sold off for a song … as were the Gold Reserves. Bargain basement deals for Corporate Cronies etc… you know the completely ineffective drill. We whinge, and whine, and do nothing until we’re provided with an opportunity to oust them… and then we vote them in again.

Who was it said, that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity? Someone really smart. But we don’t listen to smart people. We know better… we listen to Nanny State because she promises to make it better … next time. Party promises are like their finances, they work on the never never principle – and it poisons this land. In the case of Fracking, quite literally – but that’s another story of political corruption and betrayal of solemn office.

The NHS was public, and entitled to funding by taxpayers. The banks were private. There were insufficient funds available to run the NHS, but when there was a run on Northern Rock the Government was able to plunder taxpayer’s funds and/or borrow money without sufficient negotiation at exorbitant rates of interest.

How exorbitant? It costs us £43bn in interest per year IF the figures we’re allowed to see are accurate, honest or true.

We’re told that defence only costs us 3% of GDP, and yet the cost of the Gulf War has been estimated at trillions. How many of those billions of trillions have gone for a Halliburton, we’ll never know, because the finances of Government are so labyrinthine that it would be impossible to fathom what’s gone where, even if it weren’t a security matter which denies us access.

Apparently the NHS is responsible for almost a quarter of Government expenditure. It, an organisation, NOT the tiers of management employed by successive Labour AND Tory Governments… IT is responsible. But its not alone. We must carry the can too.

We’re sick… and getting sicker. No, not sick and tired of Government duplicity. We’re ailing. Obesity and the incidence of diabetes are climbing.

That’s in part down to poor diet, processed foods, high sugar, saturated fats, and there’s a direct inverse-correlation between the introductions of GMOs and well-being… but we don’t need to know that. Besides, if there were any health information we should have, it would be buried under a better-funded advertising campaign? The Tobacco industry has set the standard for misleading The American People about the dangers of any consumer product. If there are profits to be had – YOU will be.

Isn’t it comforting to know it’s all your own fault? You comfort eat wrong. You buy wrong.

What’s the answer? It’s all your own fault. That’s not a duplicate statement or an echo.

It’s all your own fault. You vote people into Government who don’t care about your health or welfare. There are huge profits to be made in treating sick people, and businesses need a continuous supply of customers. If you’re well, you’re no use to them.

And what’s the most effective way to make people sick?

Stress and anxiety. Worried people get sicker quicker. You auto-immune system goes haywire when you worry. And look around you… there’s plenty to worry about. There’s a constant supply of anxiety beyond measure thanks to austerity measures.

It can’t be a ploy can it? There can’t be a national, or global plot, to keep Folks worried?

What kind of people would do that?

Unkind people. People NOT of our kind.

I don’t mean icky, sticky, David Icke lizard-people. I mean sociopathic people who are unable to relate what they do to outcomes. They can gather in their Palace and debate. They can fabricate reasons to go to war. They can even be so lazy as to apply acronyms like WMD, ISIS and ISIL.

What IS that about? Don’t you want your army, your sons and daughters to fight in the name of something that has a name? Don’t we have the sense we were born with to see that the Islamic State is cowboys rounding up threats, nominal pockets of resistance to invaders, plus ‘foreign’ elements funded by the cowboys themselves, in order to create fear?

The fear they engender to control domestic populations has a by-product. Arabs and Muslims are tribal. They don’t have a history of playing nice, not even with one another. However, way back when, when Christians were taking up crosses and plundering the Middle-East and Muslims were called Moslems and Moors, one man got them to all act in concert. His name was Saladin, and he recaptured Jerusalem.

Much of the Imperial Administration’s activity is to divide and conquer. If there’s a stronghold in the Middle-East, like Iraq, they will fabricate a reason to invade. Later their patsies will masquerade as a legitimate democratic Government, and they’ll send up a flare requesting assistance. Then their Imperial Masters have no option but to provide that assistance.

And, where the White House and Israel go, the UK Government must follow. Their obeisance is not shared by the people. They don’t fight in our name. They are not performing God’s Will.

The theatre of war is their shop window. They have products to sell, and products need a market.

You can’t make arms deals if the world is at peace.

World leaders are in the pockets of people who profit from war, so they are obliged to wage war.

And if they win, we all lose. We are planting flags on a subsiding sandcastle.

But none of that affects us at home does it?

It’s all out of sight out of mind isn’t it?

No. It’s just relabelled. Radicalisation is their term for people fighting back against oppression.

It’s not acceptable to the Western Governments’ policy i.e. the accrual of profits regardless of the cost in human life, to allow a completely natural resistance to invasion to be seen as heroic.

Their underhand under the counter measure is to make heroic barbaric.

Do you know anyone with their feet on the ground in the conflict zone?

Are you happy about the idea of putting ‘Boots on the Ground’? There’s another inane pseudo-military bit of politicorrupted nonsense parading as communication.

To every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Domestic propaganda here has its equal and opposite there. Mainstream media here, hand-in-hand with the Imperial Administration does their bidding, and places our future up for auction and in jeopardy. The world was spinning around before the money guys that pull our leaders strings sprang into action.

Governments convince us that they must act against injustices.

A fraction of the monies they spend waging war would ensure that all the refugees fleeing the conflicts that the West incite are fed and watered and secure for the winter. But THAT humanitarian action doesn’t fit in with their strategy.

And, ultimately, that strategy may bring home the people who don’t eat bacon.

They can’t confront the boots on the ground toe-to-toe so they have to hit us where it hurts. They can’t reach the people who make the decisions to attack and invade them, so they are forced to inflict injury on innocent civilians.

Things are so FUBAR now, when there’s a terrorist incident we have to question who did what? There are revelations of how Roosevelt knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbour, but decided that the corrupt collateral would excuse an Empire-in-waiting for any consequential action he might choose to take. Governments insist that they’ve been painted into a corner, even when they painted the lines on the road, and created all the signs themselves.

Look at the industry that politics has become. Corruption is endemic in these administrations. What are lobbyists but guys with money to spend bending governance and the law to their will?

Strip away all the layers of filth, greed and corruption and it’s all so very simple. Politicians are amoral and betray their oaths of office to further the interests of those whom reward them.

We keep being told how complex the situations are.

The situation in Iraq and Syria is complex. One way to simplify the situation would be the US and the UK to withdraw.

That would require Governments to disobey their paymaster generals. That’s never going to happen.

More negativity.

We say don’t kill people. We say don’t wage needless war. The Government answers, No.

The Scottish Referendum showed us what the real problem is. It’s not about sovereignty it’s about escape from tyranny.

The scariest people aren’t those on video in black balaclavas threatening to behead people. It’s the well-spoken men in smart suits who can control our military. They don’t act in the Public Interest. They use the resources of the nation to further clandestine agendas.

Here in England, we need to act, and look to Catalonia as our guide.

To paraphrase Ridley Scott’s Spaniard: ‘Are you not ashamed?’


Those who follow Muhammad have nothing to be ashamed of.

Can we say the same of our Christian masters who so staunchly support the war criminals and their crimes? When their actions come home to roost, I fear the people we see will not be chicken.


©  27th September 2014


Why is America so bent out of shape?
Cultural Sadism

The Star-Spangled False Flag: God Blast America

The White House and the Imperial Administration therein don’t need my help to make them look laughably stupid, or to point out their flaws. Just Google Will Rogers and politics and the cowboy philosopher said all that needs be said. The subsequent decades of ‘progress’ just serve to let politicians be dumber faster, and greedier quicker.

When Obama stands ears akimbo at the White House lectern, and intones gravely about how The American People are endangered and that his administration can’t tolerate the threats that they’ve fabricated and funded, then he polarizes opinion.

There are the Americans who believe that they’re God’s Chosen People, and they’ll wrassle the Israelis to prove it. God was an American and probably wore a Davy Crockett hat, and made Planet Earth with his own bare hands, and on the Sabbath used up his left overs to make a few fossilized bones to give foolish non-believers something to chew on. That God has a divine SOH.

There are the Americans who believe that Area 51 contains all the secrets of the universe and evidence of First Contact. It’s there that Mr Spock the Older probably met Mr Spock the Younger and gave him the next centuries lottery results. He’s clever Spock. He can think on the Marty McFly.

There are American Citizens who are so darn-diddley-darned tired of the politicians shenanigans. They can’t keep up with their schemes, or their bank payments. Like many Ordinary Honest Folk, they’re not slowpokes, but they’re too tired to poke fun at their ‘leaders’. They know this reflects badly on them and their belief in Democracy. They can’t look themselves in the mirror, because they know they voted for the carpetbaggers, and laid out a red carpet to boot. Now they want to boot them out, but they harbour grave doubts about the GOP.

Thankfully, there are the Americans who inhabit the Twittersphere and/or know their own minds. They frown upon the scheming administration and won’t accept what those on Capitol Hill claim to do in their name.

Government White papers take pages upon pages to say nothing. Here’s Modern America on one page: The Star-Spangled False Flag


Is V for or against peace?

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

V for Vendetta was a movie, a fiction, and it borrowed many things. The main protagonist’s mask however was original to the film.

That mask is now worn by many activists who support the #Occupy movements. They are most laudable, however, all it would take if for one atrocity to be committed anonymously by a masked ‘man’ and all sympathy for the cause would be lost.

Our position is summed up in this piece: For Fawkes’ Sake


STOP… worrying about problems that are not of your own making.
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Aren’t you ALL sick and tired of running scared?

If you’ve enjoyed significant success within a flawed system… there’s little to recommend change to you.

Sure, you can print CHANGE on your electoral posters, because CHANGE and BETTER sound really good after four years of debt, doubt and disappointment. And Hey! YOU can’t lose, because Democracy is rigged. It doesn’t matter if They The People vote Red or Blue, they end up cornered. It’s not a fair fight, as the Administration, Civil Service or Establishment have all the chips.

Experience shows that They The People have had their chips… unless… they snip the apron strings of the Nanny State, and those red and blue wires… this is a win:win as Democracy won’t bomb. All Democracy has delivered is austerity and poverty for the majority. What’s to like?

This document will antagonise (those it should), polarise (and that’s to the good), and mobilise (those that it should). Here goes everything:

The Closing Bell for their brand of Closed Capitalism

STOP… worrying about problems that are not of your own making.

STOP… worrying about problems that are not of your own making.